grass fed beef cows, free range in the fields of exmoore. These cattle produce the most exceptional flavoured beef and we offer delivery all over the UK

Flavour That's Made In The Field 

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100% Grass Fed | Soya Free Feeds.

Local Family Farms

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High Welfare

We offer full transparency of the Somerset and Devon farms we source from. They use regenerative farming methods that can benefit nature and the planet. The animals lead healthy, stress-free outdoor lives which produces some of the most flavourful and nutritious meat possible.

grass fed beef roasted with sustainable uk grown grains and bread. Quality fresh and organic salad
pork sausages from soya free slow grown and native breed pigs, prime cuts are included in these sausages to make them extra tender and flavoursome, a traditional seasoning makes any meal a classic


 "the locally sourced sausages are truly some of the best I’ve had, would highly recommend"

Individual cuts of natural 100% Grass Fed Beef and Lamb as well as our Pasture Raised and Slow Grown Pork and Chicken. Animals regeneratively farmed in this manner create exceptional flavour.