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100% grass fed beef roast, the fat from our beef has great flavour which melts into the joint during cooking

Meat Boxes

We have a range of boxes thoughtfully put together using products from our suppliers. 100% Grass fed Beef and Lamb, Pasture raised pork and chicken. The grass fed meat boxes offer the highest welfare and best quality produce from local farms all in an affordable box.

Our grass fed meat boxes

Our boxes boast great value, choice, and quality convieniently gathered into a single product for you. Choose from our grass fed beef and lamb, or try the pasture raised chicken and pork. We also offer more precise items such as our steak selection box, ideal for any steak lover, or our burger box, a sure pick for the biggest of barbeques.

grass fed stabiliser cattle with the farmer

Grass fed beef

The beef inside our grass fed beef boxes comes from Great Avercombe farm, naturally raised Stabiliser cattle on a diet of 100% Grass, no extra feed, no chemicals used on the farm and butchered with care completely free from anything but 100% beef. The Stabiliser creates exceptionally tender beef with a great flavour, also proving to be very forgiving in the oven making it hard to go wrong.


Looking for individual cuts of beef? Shop our full range of 100% grass fed beef here

Grass fed lamb

The 100% Grass fed lamb we sell is from Horner Farm, just near the Exmoor coast this lamb is grown slowly to produce the most tender and flavourful lamb we know. Produced with high welfare regenerative farming methods, the sheep work in unison with multiple animal species on the farm, providing benefits to nature and the health of the soil.

Looking for individual cuts of lamb?  Shop our full range of 100% grass fed lamb here

grass fed lambs on Exmoor
pasture raised pigs in woodland

Pasture Raised Chicken

Pasture raised chicken are one of the most flavourful chickens you can buy. Slow grown for an average of double the length of time of commercial chickens, therefore naturally growing bigger and stronger. This means you will find the whole chickens take a little longer to cook than normal, although it is well worth the wait with the rich flavoured leg meat, and moist, tender breast meat. After their first three weeks of life in the brooder, they are raised on grass, day and night in the fields of Redwoods Farm. This allows them to hunt for their food naturally consuming a plethora of insects and surprising quantities of grass. It is in fact their grass fed diet, which is the reason their skin ends up a pale golden yellow.

Looking for individual cuts of chicken? Shop from our full range of pasture raised chicken here

Pasture Raised Pork

The pasture raised pork is supplied by Redwoods Farm in Devon, just under 9 miles from our shop in Wellington. Raised with freedom outdoors and regularly moved to new areas over the farm allowing access to fresh pasture and woodlands leaving the pigs to free range without boredom. They are slow grown to an average of 10 months in the highest welfare environment. Hung for 10 days to reduce water content and extend the already incredible taste, this pork is some of the most top quality produce you can buy.

Looking for individual cuts of pork? Shop our full range of pasture raised pork here

pasture raised chickens in field

Meat Box Delivery

Our grass-fed meat boxes are all delivered in carefully packed parcels, with layers of Woolcool (biodegradable sheep's wool packaging) and ice packs. The parcels maintain freezing temperatures for up to 48 Hours allowing time for our 24 Hour delivery service to get to your door.

The parcels are all tracked so you are able to be present for the delivery, we despatch from Tuesdays to Thursdays to avoid weekend delays.

If any of the meat arrives partially defrosted it is perfectly safe to refreeze for later consumption without sacrificing quality.

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