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Horner Farm - Assured by Fraser Purdey

Horner Farm is ran by my sister Holly Purdey and her husband Mark, Holly who worked for a period in land management with the national trust, eventually through hard work and determination got the tenancy farm of Horner to run.


Horner farm consists of cows, sheep, goats, something which has increased in the recent years and a flock of mixed breed laying hens such as White Sussex, Copper Marans and Cream Legbars.


As Horner farm is the base for our shop, we can have a true feel of how the farm is run. Thistles are present on the farm, not well-received by all farmers, despite this they are great forage for the goats which I often see the whole herd run towards to begin browsing, not only this they are a great source for pollinators such as bees to use. Evidence of the work and the land changing at Horner to a better more sustainable state which is clear on many of my walks on the farm. Little changes are present over time, wild mallards live by the streams, Herons fish in the ponds, In the evening, owls hoot and bats dart across the farmyard.


Holly has recently pro-actively undertaken trials to vaccinate the badgers on Horner Farm against TB as an alternative method to culling to reduce TB spread. Using new methods such as this are great alternative to keeping a TB-Free healthy herd of cows while holding the diverse species on the land.

We can be confident of Hollys approach to farming which encourages all wildlife to live alongside the livestock.

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