Our local Suppliers - 4 requirements

100% Grass Fed | Soya Free Feeds
The meat we source from our local farms are either 100% grass fed in the case of our Beef and Lamb. The chicken and pork are also pasture raised with their additional feed free from soya and palm using only locally grown and regeneratively farmed grains.


Local Family farms
Large factory style farms cannot offer the same connection with their animals that a small farm can offer. A small farm run by a family will build up a strong relationship with the individual animals, they will see any issues when they notice the character of the animal change, providing care unique only to these smaller farms.


Full Traceability
The customer should be able to know what the animals eat, how they are farmed, what breed of animal you are eating and so much more. With the few select farms we work with we have access to exactly the depth of information we need. The consumer can then also read about where the animals came from and how they were raised.


High Welfare
Many farm animals are fed grain and cake purely to speed up the growing process. An animal fed a natural varied diet from the pastures, will in turn lead to a much more flavoursome and nutrient rich meat product. Also livestock that lead stress free lives can improve the end quality of the product.

Read about the four farms we source our sustainable meat from below  ↓

a 100% grass fed cow grazing on the fields at horner farm, sustainably farmed using regenerative agriculture

Horner Farm

Holly and Mark with their children at Horner Farm in the pen with laying hens, the chickens follow around the cattle as part of the grazing system creating pasture raised eggs

We are based on Horner Farm, with Lamb and Cattle kept in a way that works closely with nature.

From Horner in Somerset. We farm with our environment as opposed to changing our environment for our farming system. We believe in an integrated approach where production is not removed but run in harmony with our natural world. We are recovering land that for years had been under intensive management with high inputs. We listen to our animals, grasslands and soils to make informed choices.

We run a low input and lower output system with diverse grazing of sheep, goats, cattle and chickens to rebuild diversity in the grassland swards, we have also planted wood pasture and silvopasture. 

31 Miles away


Great Avercombe

29 Miles away


Farming at Great Avercome in Bishops Nympton, Devon, Matthew cooke and his family farm Stabiliser Cattle. These hardy cows from the US are perfectly suited to his pasture raised system. Matts engineering background has allowed him to make huge cuts to his carbon output, for example he ditched his plow and created a disc drill to plant fodder beet to help feed his cows throughout the winter, in turn helping him avoid soya and palm.


Matt has a range of impressive herbal leys for his cows to eat which helps other wildlife such as bees and butterflies.

Matthew and his family at Great Avercombe, they produce Stabiliser Beef on a 100% grass fed diet

Redwoods Farm

9 Miles away

Redwoods farm is a family run farm near Tiverton in Devon. They practice regenerative agriculture. Focusing on the health of the soil, the foundation of our ecosystem. Farming pasture raised Chickens and Pigs on their own unique diet comprised with locally sourced grains

"A single handful of soil contains billions of life forms and has the potential to store huge quantities of carbon, something which is vital to reverse climate change.
Our meat is produced in a way that respects the animal and the environment, creating a better quality product with a high nutritional value.  Our aim is to farm in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, so that our produce is of high quality and production is not rushed or forced."

Mark, Pauline and Amy Chapple at Redwoods Farm, they produce soya free and slow grown Chicken and Pork which creates extraordinary flavour in the meat, all pasture raised.

Grace and Katie Chapple Photography ©  *

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South Town Farm

South town farm, Murray produces 100% grass fed beef of the native breed Red Ruby Devon.

South Town Farm is run by Murray Sharpe and his family.  Based just outside Loxhore in North Devon, they are tenant farmers of the National Trust, farming Red Ruby Devon Cattle over 200 acres of the Arlington Estate. South town farm is run on a no input system, meaning no fertilisers (artificial or otherwise) are brought onto the farm.


"Only our own farm yard manure is spread on a small percentage of the holding.  Most of the land we manage consists of unimproved grasslands, maintaining biodiversity and allowing local flora and fauna to thrive. We currently buy Red Devons off Murray on an extensive, grass fed system.  High welfare standards are a vital part of livestock management at South Town and we care passionately for the land in our trust, striving to successfully link food production together with the conservation of wildlife habitats across the farm.  We work closely with The National Trust and Devon Wildlife Trust to ensure our habitats are managed sensitively and sustainably."    

31 Miles away