Pork Pricing

We initially priced our meats with a small mark up after paying the farmers fairly. We truly believe that high welfare shouldn't be priced out of reach, and we can reduce demand of low welfare when customers choose to buy from high welfare suppliers like ourselves due to the fairer pricing.

Comparing Ourselves to other ethically raised and sustainably farmed pork we found we are often half the price or more. 

From our closest comparisons in supermarkets Sainsburys sell Organic Diced Pork @£13.67/Kg. Diced Pork is considered the cheapest cut along with mince. Unfortunately they do not offer the any of the other cuts we offer on there organic range so we will compare only from diced.

Sainsburys - Organic Diced Pork - Likely of high welfare.

Diced Pork £13.67/Kg

Ruxstons Range - Guaranteed High Welfare, Pasture Raised, fed with soya free mix with local and regeneratively grown grains

Diced Pork £8.00/Kg

Pork Leg £8.70/Kg

Pork Shoulder £8.50/Kg

Pork Loin £10.00/Kg

Pork Belly £7.50/Kg

Pork Chops £8.50/Kg

Pork Steaks £9.00/Kg