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Best farm shops to visit in Devon and Somerset...

We launched Ruxstons in Wellington in August 2022, and huge numbers of people refer to it as a farm shop. Being honest I have not stopped people saying that, it does help describe it for some but I do feel slightly uneasy because I do personally believe a farm shop should be on a farm, not in a town centre! Of course if you are ever visiting a farm shop in Somerset then drop into Ruxstons and let me know whether you see it as a farm shop or not, perhaps you will convince me.

Ruxstons Wellington

My major interest in farm shops was developed in 2014 when I set up my chocolate company, Discover Chocolate, as farm shops were a great place to sell my chocolate bars. However, over time I began to realise so many new and interesting food trends were found in farm shops, many can be nimbler in their product purchasing than a large chain which can always be more hesitant and risk averse. Of course, you do see farm shops which simply order from a catalogue and whilst they are using the meat and or vegetables from the farm, I do feel seeing the same brand of biscuits on the shelf in shop after shop can get a little tiring.

However, the best three farm shops in the South West are in no doubt, they are farm shops!

Greendale Farm Shop

Let’s start with the biggest, Greendale Farm shop is, in my view, one of the best farm shops in the South West. Yes, it is very large and now stocks a lot of items not from the farm, but despite its large size it has kept an amazing authenticity.

You can buy a huge range of delicious meats from the butchery counter, all from the farm itself, and this itself is becoming harder to find, with so many farm shops buying their meat in nowadays. However, Greendale’s speciality is without doubt their fish. With not one but two fishing boats within the business they get a fresh catch from the Devon Coast every day and within hours it is within the shop, the Red Mullet is a particular favourite of mine. You can buy really all you need fish wise from Greendale, as I have done on many occasions to have with Ruxstons Squid Ink Linguine. Don’t fancy cooking? Well then get some fish and chips on site, there is normally a queue, but it is worth the wait.

What I really enjoy about the shop is the atmosphere, there is a lack of pretentiousness within the shop that you may find at Darts Farm down the road, you can turn up with a small budget, and still leave with a good range of products. Matthew Carter, the owner, has done well to keep the atmosphere so relaxed whilst growing the business to something that could have easily become commercial.

East Hill Pride Farm Shop

East Hill pride are a small farm Shop in the south of Devon. The farm shop is run by Cynthia who is known for her hand made cakes and pasties with the meaty editions containing their own grass-fed beef.

You will find everything you need at this shop, perhaps not the high levels of tat you can find at some farm shops but this is the real deal, just what a small traditional farm shop needs. The quiet seating area has fantastic views and will be a great place to relax after a long drive or maybe a good place to stop on the way down to Cornwall, beats a service station!

Interestingly East Hill Pride have their own abattoir, incidentally this is where Ruxstons Pasture Raised Pork is butchered, where they put the highest priority to animal welfare, with no wait time, and a short journey time they are very respectful. Hopefully this is a trend other farm shops will follow and can go some way to end the industrial sized slaughterhouses. If you are in the area, I would strongly recommend you visit this fantastic shop.

Horner Farm Shop

Horner Farm Shop, based just outside Porlock on my sister Holly Purdeys Farm. Small, but the produce and atmosphere make it a must visit if you’re in the area, set in a 16th Century barn your eyes take a while to adjust but this is one of the most scenic farm shops in Somerset. A huge range of Granny Gothards ice cream and with Holly Purdey’s own Grass Fed Beef and Lamb.

This shop will certainly have your BBQ essentials in the summer season, they have even recently started doing fruit and vegetables from a local regenerative veg organisation Good Vibe Veg. Visiting the shop will have added benefits too, next door you have Horner Tea Gardens for a nice cream tea whilst soaking up the peaceful atmosphere on the Holnicote Estate, or maybe before you can enjoy one of many walks around and up to Dunkery Beacon, the highest point in Somerset, you really can’t fail to enjoy walking in these woods.


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