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Burger Night at Horner Farm

We are launching our first Burger Night on the 16th of April 2022. 11 Burger Choices, 70 Ice Cream flavour choices, yet certainly not putting quantity over quality. We offer both on these nights.

100% Grass Fed Beef in a great choice of burgers made from soya free mixes. GF and Vegetarian options available. All served with chips, salad, a drink, and an ice cream afterwards with 70 flavours to choose from. All included for just £13!

We will also see the introduction of Ruxstons designed "Toad in the Roll". A prime cut sausage wrapped in a crispy pancake and lightly seasoned.

Here are the exciting range of our artisan burgers and more.

-Beef and Onion -GF Salt and Pepper (With Gluten Free Buns) -Louisiana (Mild Chilli & Spicy mix) -Tennessee (Smoky flavour) -Olive and Sundried Tomato -Pork and Apple -Lamb and Mint -Wild Boar & Venison -Venison and Cranberry -Vegetarian Burger (Bean Burger) -Toad in the Roll

Always keep up to date on our events pages.


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