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Organic Emmer Casarecce | Pastificio Carleschi

Emmer Casarecce is made using Emmer wheat. Emmer is an ancient wheat and was reportedly very popular in Ancient Egypt so you can be sure that this taste has stood the test of time. This pasta will have a slightly nutty, and very wholesome taste. A very popular way to enjoy this pasta at lunchtime is to have it simply cold with cherry tomatoes, basil mozzarella with a dash of olive oil.


Using 100% British flour Pastificio Carleschi has created a truly incredible range of pasta. Whilst as the name suggests there is a strong Italian heritage the project was born out of a desire to combine the founder, Giovanni, Italian roots with UK regenerative farmers and the best grains the UK has to offer. Slow drying at low temperatures the factory is powered by green energy and the packaging plastic free.



Organic Emmer Casarecce | Pastificio Carleschi


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