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Healthy Eating

Pasture raised meats have definitive advantages over grain/soya fed alternatives. Whether it is for losing weight, building muscle, or maintaining a strong cardiovascular system, grass fed meat and animals raised without chemicals will always come out on top.

All of our bodies work a little differently and may suit different diets. However throughout all of this there are some choices that can be made that offer improvement by making choices between two foods. We think choosing naturally raised and pasture fed meat products are superior over the grain/soya fed counterparts 

Our Beef and Lamb is 100% Pasture raised. The Pork and chicken we stock is pasture raised and fed with additional feed free from soya made only with locally grown sustainably grown crops

Conjugated linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid, it is a product of digestion, from the microbes in the first stomach (rumen) of grass-eating animals like cows. It is therefore of the highest quantity in 100% grass fed animals. CLA is an effective way for those who want to lose body fat without while retaining lean muscle mass. 

Our meats contain high amounts of electrolytes, something needed for you to replenish after a hard workout. Pasture raised cows create a much healthier final meat product so you don't have to waste energy breaking down toxins that may exist in grain fed beef, and your body then can put effort into building muscle healthily and effectively.

Grass fed meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acids which is great for you heart and cardiovascular system. It can reduce inflammation in blood vessels ultimately leading to a healthier life, with reduced risk of heart-related problems.

High Electrolytes are again important paticaularly for long distance demanding runs. Our meats will be high in these and their benefits are endless. As part of a balanced diet, the meat that you have will be a great choice when the animals have been raised the way they are.

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