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pasture raised chicken pecking grass


Our pasture raised Chicken is sourced from Redwoods Farm in Devon. This slow grown Chicken is fed with a soya free feed, finding much of their own forage naturally in the pasture. They are moved daily always giving them new grass to explore and forage through. These factors create a flavour packed chicken, reviving the traditional taste that was lost since the onset of intensive farming.

Our Pasture Raised Chicken

chicks eating from grass

These pasture raised chickens are put outside after a few weeks in the warm of the brooder. They are immediately able to interact in a natural way in the long grasses at Redwoods Farm, always on fresh pasture, day and night. They are regularly moved onto new ground meaning there is always plenty wild food to eat.

Slow grown for 12 to 16 weeks, these chickens live a substantially longer life than commercial chickens which are instead grown for often just 6 weeks. Able to forage and scratch through the pastures, and remain busy eating insects, worms and grass. All of this makes for a flavourful and healthier end product.

You will find our chicken is free from bruises and any red/purple marks as they are treated carefully their entire lives with the highest welfare.

Although more expensive than standard supermarket chicken, you will receive the topmost quality chicken that can be assured to contain no unnatural additives or water to bulk up the meat giving you better quality and value per kilogram of meat.


Their diet that doesn't come from the pasture is soya free, allowing a low feed mile grain ration, many of the grains are locally sourced within 10 miles of the farm and the remaining within the UK. Redwoods Farm is local to us meaning the entire process from farm to your door is as low in travel as possible allowing the customer to buy chicken online with ethics and the environment in mind.

All of our chicken is rapidly frozen the day we get it back from the farm, this means we can sell an outstanding product all year round and preserve the meat at its very best quality. Defrost our joints and whole chickens in water, or a fridge until cold to the touch but thoroughly soft. All but our largest chickens are oven ready for the next day and most joints can be thawed within a few hours.

We send our frozen meat via courier in temperature-controlled packaging of Wool Cool insulation and ice packs. All of our meat is despatched Tuesday to Thursday on 24 Hour service and should arrive frozen. If any of the meat arrives starting to defrost, it is perfectly safe to refreeze.

chicken eating grass
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