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Pizza Takeaway

In Wellington Wednesday to Saturday, we serve handstretched pizzas cooked directly on the stone in our oven. We stretch to produce a thin base with a well risen crust to achieve the taste that's about the toppings. Have a look at our menu below and how to order. Our special changes on a weekly basis. We always put on high welfare meat and eggs from the farms we work with, this is what makes incredible pizzas!

ruxstons pizza menu

Ruxstons Pizzas are served from Wednesday to Saturday in Wellington from 12:00-20:00, we produce a hand stretched pizza to achieve a perfect crust and a crispy thin base which is directly cooked on the stone. 

How to Order a Ruxstons takeaway Pizza:


Walk ins are fine, however if you want to guarantee your pizza for a certain time, just call 01823 740060 to book in for the evening. Let us know your name, which pizzas you want and what time you would like to collect (or sit in). Alternatively, message us via the Facebook page and we can book it in this way.

About our Pizzas

1) Our Pizzas are hand stretched. This is not just something that sounds pretentious, hand stretching is crucial to get the perfect crust. There are many people who make amazing pizza and as the numbers grow are tempted to buy an automatic dough roller. Ruxstons vow never to use one of these. The base should be thinner than the crust and only hand stretching can achieve this.


2) Our toppings are fully traceable and of a high quality. It can be challenging to find a takeaway pizza with meat on that is traceable back to the farm itself and one where high animal welfare can be guaranteed.


Surely this means they are more expensive? as the toppings are more expensive….


As it happens they are a very similar price to any takeaway and cheaper than a sit down Pizza restaurant because we are selling it from a shop rather than a takeaway. So we can sell the rest of the meat as joints and more to ensure there is no waste.


3) If you like the pizza then come and buy the flour and the toppings. Unlike a lot of takeaway pizza places you can come and buy some of the ingredients here if you want to experiment making your own. Want to make a pizza but unsure on making the dough? Let us know a day in advance and we will happily make some dough balls up for you to buy.

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