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Pasture raised pork free ranging at Redwoods Farm


The pasture raised pigs spend their days rooting through woodlands and fields at Redwoods Farm. Unlike typical free-range pigs, these are regularly moved every few days meaning they forage on fresh pasture and have brand new areas to explore. This high welfare farming creates the finest tasting pork, slowly grown to create a complex flavours and a great texture. Their supplementary feed is completely soya free.

Our outdoor pasture raised pork

free range pigs in woodland

We source our pasture raised pork from Redwoods Farm, slow grown on a soya free diet, they create a sensational flavour that is reminiscent of how pork used to taste. As traditional breeds are used, the fat content is generally slightly higher which is perfect for the best crackling and great taste.


With regular moves over the farm, there is always new land for them to explore and fresh forage to eat, the pigs are never bored, and their outdoor pasture raised lifestyle is completely stress free. They are left to mature to a larger size than normal.

They are grown within a regenerative farming system, where seed mixes are planted after the pigs plough the land, creating more diversity and a wider variety of pasture for the next animals to feed from.

Notably, their extra feed that doesn't come from the pasture is a soya free mix and instead made of entirely UK grown grains, with the majority grown locally within 10 miles creating a low food mile feed mix.

The abattoir currently used is East Hill Pride in Devon, they put care into the work and with top priority to animal welfare. Twice featured on national TV hosted by presenter Julia Bradbury for their work.


The free-range pork is then hung for 10 days to reduce water content and further improve the flavour. The cuts are then vacuum packed and frozen to preserve the outstanding fresh flavour. We offer a great range of different cuts for you to buy pork online with quality and choice assured.

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