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  • Which abattoirs do we use?
    Ensuring the best animal welfare is our priority. While the farms we use all naturally farm with the very best care for the animals, ensuring the abattoirs are respectful is key. Each farm uses their own abattoir taking into account the distance an animal hast to travel, with workers treating animals calmly and carefully before slaughter. Horner Farms Lamb - Combe Martin Meats Redwoods Farms Pigs - East Hill Pride Redwoods Farms Chicken - Otter Valley Poultry Great Avercombe Farms Cattle - Combe Martin Meats South Town Farms Cattle - Combe Martin Meats
  • Is all your meat local to your shop?
    Yes. We have chosen to work with farms that practice regenerative agriculture, farm with high welfare, and several other important aspects. Finding local farms helps benefit the local economy and reduces our carbon emissions due to low food miles. We personally collect all the meat from the farms we source from. To see the exact food miles from our shop, check out "Our Suppliers" page to see the respective distance alongside the farm name.

Frequently asked questions

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