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grass fed shorthorn beef cattle


The 100% grass fed beef we source follow our set of values. The cattle will have been raised in a natural and regeneratively farmed way. They live on pasture, free ranging to satisfy their inquisitive nature with absolute top priority given to animal welfare. We offer full traceability back to the local farm it comes from. Completely grass fed cattle produce the most nutrient rich and flavourful meat.

Our 100% Grass fed Beef

grass fed shorthorn heifer

You can buy beef online on our website from multiple farms. We currently stock various breeds to choose from. All have their own unique attributes which you can try for yourselves, generally the age and breed alter the taste and texture of the beef you are eating. Amongst everywhere we source beef from, we ensure it fits with our values and the animals are farmed in a very high welfare situation where every process of their life is thought out, also ensuring the final trip to the abattoir is as calm as possible.


We visit every farm we source from and have documented our visits, the farms use systems that benefit the environment such as planting herbal leys within some fields (varied leafy vegetation many of which will fix nitrogen into the soil such as clover effectively self fertilising it), they will give longer rest periods to the grass in between grazing to allow it to become less stressed and grow more efficiently, also benefiting the natural wildlife at the same time.

The cattle are kept outdoors as long as feasibly possible. This means they are generally happier and healthier animals and their diet will be of their own choosing reducing their chances of deficiencies while they eat what they crave.


Combining these factors all makes for the tastiest beef that, regardless of breed, often contains many more key nutrients than grain fed beef. We hang our beef for a full 21 days, this is a great length of time to ensure enough moisture has been removed from the carcass and helps further develop the great taste. We refrain from hanging for 28 days due to the levels of mould that form (similar to aged cheese) which often means more of the product is cut away and removed which is then wasted. As the flavour is made in the field though diet and happy cows, we find no need to create flavour through excessive hanging times, producing the true flavour of 100% grass fed beef, this also allows us to keep the cost down with lower wastage.


The abattoir we currently use are Combe Martin Meats who we believe are a great choice for their animal welfare. They prioritise a calm environment and there are never long waiting times where the cattle could get stressed.

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