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icelandic lamb


100% Grass fed lamb sourced from farms with the highest welfare in mind. These lambs are slow grown and farmed naturally, allowed to browse through fields and woodland, their varied diet of vegetation and tree leaves creates a wonderful complex flavour.

Our 100% Grass Fed Lamb

sleeping grass fed lamb

The lambs from Horner Farm are born from late March/April time when there is little risk of cold weather and the ewes and lambs can roam outside to live their fully natural life. 


They are then raised slowly on a 100% grass fed diet (and milk) with access to plenty of varied pasture. Mixed with other species such as cattle, this creates an improved mix of natural fertiliser and biodiversity on the field.

WIth their natural diet and slow grown lifestyle, this creates an exceptional tasting lamb with the fat producing a richer and more matured flavour.

The lambs are taken to Combe Martin abattoir, a local abattoir known for their high welfare and calm management of animals. All butchery is done on their site and we freeze the meat immediately after we receive it to preserve this luxury products finest quality.

We send our frozen meat via courier in temperature-controlled packaging of Wool Cool insulation and ice packs. All of our meat is despatched Tuesday to Thursday on 24 Hour service and should arrive frozen. If any of the meat arrives starting to defrost, it is perfectly safe to refreeze.

cheviot sheep with her lambs
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