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Opening Hours

Tuesday                                                 9:30-18:00

Wednesday-Saturday                   9:30-20:00

Our physical shop, based in Wellington, Somerset, offers a range of meats, wholefoods, and luxury goods. We put value on the transparency of production, the quality, the welfare, and environmental impact.


grass fed and pasture raised meats in freezers in shop
traceability mural at ruxstons

Our display freezers for our pasture raised pork and chicken and 100% Grass fed beef and lamb. 

The detailed information posters offer photos of the animals from the actual farms, outlining the regenerative farming techniques used on the respective farms. 

Shop here for meat with perfect traceability to the farm and the farmer.


Take a look through our isles showcasing local honeys, jams and chutneys. 

Stocking independent and small suppliers is important as it allows us, and in turn the consumer, to support the local economy, and promotes the high level of craftsmanship that goes into these products. From farming bees on wildflowers for the best honey, to slow cooking garlic for sensational chutneys. There is produce that small companies will always be able to do better than their large scale counterparts.

inside Ruxstons
flours on shop shelves

UK sourced grains and flours, some of which are farmed using regenerative farming methods. Supporting these brands such as Hodmedodds means the farmers receive genuine fair pay, and the food miles to your plate are dramatically reduced.


loose chocolate cabinet

We also serve Pizza Wednesday to Saturday with many of the options showcasing toppings from the shop such as beef and eggs!

Coffee to sit in is available at all hours too, the coffee is sourced from Coast and Moor in Barnstaple who are a company that share much of our ethics.


20-22 High Street 



TA21 8RA


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