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natural flavoured tagliatelle


Squid ink Tagliatelle to the English regeneratively grown spelt which makes the pasta from Pacifico Carleschi. Pasta such as the spelt Macaroni has acomplex and nuttier flavour which is perfect in a pasta bake or in elegant pasta salads. 

About Pasta

Pasta is created by using a dough with no raising agent, typically with plain wheat flour, and then mixed with water or eggs. Most people think of Pasta and their mind then wanders to Italy and Italian cuisine, it is a stable food there, and is one of Italy's most famous exports after all. The Italian population have been enjoying pasta since at least the 13th Century, although it possibly was eaten earlier. By the 14th and 15th centuries pasta was becoming more common due to the ability to dry it, which made transport and preservation easier. It was the ability to dry pasta which made it possible to export and then in the same century it made its way to America. Interestingly at this point it was eaten dry with fingers, but when it began to get paired with tomato sauce in the late 18th century, then it was eaten with the fork the way most people eat it today. Interestingly pasta remains so popular in Italy that average consumption per person is higher than the average wheat production per person in Italy, which means Italy has to import wheat to make enough pasta to go around.

In the present day, Ruxstons sells a range of Pasta, from Italian to British. We have some amazing multi coloured pasta from the Turin based Boungustaio Piemonte which include Farfalle, Maccheroni and Camalarata. The beauty of these Pastas is they all fulfil a different need, the Camalarata can be cooked and stuffed whilst the Maccheroni can be enjoyed in a pasta bake. Boungustaio Piemonte are just the type of supplier we like to work with. Quality is paramount and no corners are cut, they are not in this job for the money, they are there because they love what they do, and because of this, what they do is create some truly incredible products. 

barolo linguine cooking

Starting off with sauces for pasta, they don’t add preservatives, dyes, or anything artificial to change the smell, they just create the best sauce that you could create in your kitchen and then sell it. Quality control is something that is taken seriously, all ingredients are fully traceable and native to the area. Naturally they expanded into pasta and you can they the moment you add boiling water to the lemon tagliatelle that this is not your average pasta, mix this with diced chicken breast and you will create a masterpiece that takes chicken pasta to a high standard. Take note not to cook many of the Italian pastas beyond Al Dente as it may reduce the delicate tasting notes of the natural flavours.

dried pasta made from spelt

As Pasta goes a lot of good pasta is Italian, but not everything good is Italian. The  Pastifico Carleschi may sound Italian but this is organic British made pasta from regeneratively grown wheat. They used British Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn organic stoneground flour. There is a deep nutty taste to the pasta, and the wholegrains offer a wonderful flavour. The spelt maccheroni is fantastic option to have cold with some Mozzarella, basil, and olive oil, have this as a pack lunch and see the jealousy creep onto your work colleagues face as you eat this exquisite meal.

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