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About Us


In April 2021, two brothers, Fraser and Gabriel, decided they would like to build a farm shop on their sisters farm in Horner.


We had often discussed setting up a shop, and as the opportunity presented itself we decided to build our shop within the 16th century barn of Horner Farm. We both had an interest in food and farming, so this was the perfect situation. By May 2021, our shop was open with access to Horner Car park.  We wanted to create a unique selection of fine foods and locally sourced grass fed meats produced in regenerative farming systems, proving the value this type of farming can have within the current world. However nothing was quite a big hit as the 50 flavours of Ice Creams we had on offer. 


As we moved into the winter and the season came to an end, we decided our shop would benefit with a website for people to buy our meats and best artisan made products all year round. After a full year at Horner and withstanding the impact of the barren winter custom, we were able to upgrade to a fantastic premises in Wellington, a town known for its niche and quality food shops, and reach a wider audience with a stable, all year round footfall to support our growing website.


You can read a little more about either of us and our passions and inspirations here ...


Gabriel Purdey

Purchasing    Sales


Fraser Purdey

Farmer    Designer

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