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Fraser Purdey

Co-Owner of Ruxstons

I decided to work with my brother Gabriel to set up Ruxstons

We had discussed for many years the idea of opening a shop, but when the opportunity of a Farm Shop presented itself on our sister Holly Purdey's farm, this seemed like a great idea to put all of our skills together.

To provide the best possible service, I have gathered information onto the website, such as information on the farms, the science behind the methods they use, and our personal visits.

You can read a bit more about my background below

Growing up on a small organic dairy farm of Jersey cows on the outskirts of a small and windy village called Elworthy, I naturally was exposed to a farming lifestyle from a young age of which this environment evidently sparked an interest in farming and food. I also enjoyed an odd mix of hobby's such as motorsport and music. I obtained some A levels in Maths, Chemistry and Physics.


From a young age I noticed damaging effects of how chemicals and contaminants could affect the ecosystem, I remember the excitement at finding several patches of clovers with 4 leaves, some with 5, and even one with six rather deformed leaves. However it did seem, despite being an organic farm that contaminants, perhaps fluids from a tractor could have caused the clovers DNA to become altered and deformed to a point they were not able to grow correctly. Whichever reason for the cause, it made me realise the importance of farming with clean agricultural methods that could never lead back to damaging our health.


Alongside runnings of the shop, I farm a small group of laying ducks of which I have a great interest in, also breeding together new and exciting "homemade" hybrids to see their benefits of use on the land.


We also keep a flock of Icelandic sheep, bred purely for their quality wool. They have a great range of genetics to achieve a huge range of colouring and patterns on their fleeces.

In farming I believe there are definite useful advancements and animal medicines that have been developed over time that can improve farming production. With a combination of raw organic style farming and new technologies and ideas, we can create great regenerative farming techniques that can put the land back to a long term sustainable system that could feed people not for the short term, but for generations without penalty to the soil, all while improving the health of the farmland and sequestering carbon.

Contact Fraser

Please contact me for any questions about the farms we source from. About methods they use, or about the meats we stock.

Phone: 07904 572195

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