Our Prices

We offer a range of topmost quality 100% grass fed and soya free meats. Nutrient dense and healthy produce that is farmed responsibly. Here is our price list.


Our Prices. No-one should have to go into an overdraft to be able to support high animal welfare and sustainably farmed meat. At our farm shop and website you don't have to.

Selling "sustainable" meat at overly inflated prices is inherently unsustainable if a large group of the population can never afford it, we offer some of the best quality meats from the highest welfare farms in Somerset and Devon at mid range prices. Being farmers ourselves, we understand the hard work and effort that goes into farming. From the produce we don't source from our own two farms, we pay other local farms what we would expect for ourselves.

By freezing to eliminate any waste, and selling directly from ourselves, we are able to keep our prices down and add on less cost for the customer.

Please take a look at out price list, last updated on 10/04/2022.

Beef Cuts


Topside £15/Kg

Silverside £15/Kg

Brisket £11/Kg

Rib of beef £25/Kg

Top Rump £20/Kg

Sirloin Joint £25/Kg


Fillet £40/Kg

Sirloin £30/Kg

Ribeye £35/Kg

Rump £25/Kg

Rump Minute £23/Kg

T-Bone £35/Kg


Mince £10/Kg

Diced £12/Kg

Diced Beef Shin £12/Kg

Beef Burgers £13/Kg

Beef Sausages £13/Kg

Lamb Cuts

Leg £15/Kg

Shoulder £13/Kg

Lamb Racks £18/Kg

Lamb Chops £20/Kg

Minced Lamb £11/Kg

Diced Lamb £14/Kg

Minted Lamb Burgers £13/Kg

Lamb Neck Fillet £22/Kg

Pork Cuts


Leg £10.50/Kg

Shoulder £10/Kg

Loin £12.50/Kg

Diced Pork £11/Kg

Pork Chops £12.50/Kg

Belly Pork £10/Kg

Tenderloin £15/Kg

BBQ Ribs £7/Kg

Sausages £11.70/Kg

Pork and Apple Burgers £11.70/Kg


Whole Chicken £8/Kg

Breast £19/Kg

Wings £6/Kg

Legs £15/Kg