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Whole Chicken | Pasture Raised

A whole chicken suitable for the finest of sunday roasts. This truly exceptional chicken boasts a rich flavour and crispy yellow skin due to their diet high in natural vegetation from the pastures.


They are slow grown meaning a range of large sizes are available, a single chicken can produce multiple meals, and even our smallest size Chickens are typically bigger than what is usually expected. These are also farmed on a soya free diet with UK grown grains only, therefore a very sustainable way of production.


(£9.50/Kg) Priced by middle of weight band

Whole Chicken | Pasture Raised


We will always choose the weight from our stock closest to your choice as possible. However please allow a small tolerance for your selection within the weight bands.


These whole chickens are frozen the day they come back from the butchery, preserving the exquisite taste and quality. It also allows us to sell the finest produce all year round as the chickens are best when farmed seasonally on the richest pastures.

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