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Chicken Drumsticks | Pasture Raised

Pasture raised chicken drumsticks are a flavour packed choice that is fantastic on the barbecue. There is plenty of meat on these drumsticks so are a great value choice and still offer the same great taste as the other cuts.


You will find the skin of the drumsticks to be a slightly golden yellow colour due to the chicken's high diet in grass.


The texture on this cut is simply outstanding and will prove to be the biggest difference of all the cuts when compared with commercially raised chicken.


Packs of 4


600g(Avg) (£11.50/Kg) 

Chicken Drumsticks | Pasture Raised


We will always choose the weight from our stock closest to your choice as possible. However please allow a small ±75g tolerance for your selection.


Our chicken joints are vacuum packed and frozen the day they come back from the butchery, preserving the exquisite taste and quality. It also allows us to sell the finest produce all year round as the chickens are best when farmed seasonally on the richest pastures.

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