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Ruxstons Pizza Takeaway in Wellington

Why do Ruxstons now serve Pizza in Wellington?

As Ruxstons has developed over the last two years we have moved away from just selling ingredients for you to make your own meals at home, and instead cooked and offered food to be eaten within the shop or to takeaway.

The reason? Well, it is a lot more exciting for us to be creating new pizza flavours every week as opposed to ordering the same products every week and stocking shelves. We want to be more than just your daily needs, but able to serve you Pizza for lunch or dinner! We found this was a great way for you to sample some of the products we sell in the shop such as the meats.

best takeaway pizza at Ruxstons
Hand stretched Pork and Apple Special Ruxstons Pizza

We currently serve our Pizzas from Wednesday to Saturday, 12.30 to 20.00. If you would like to book a pizza then please call 01823 740060

Ruxstons Takeaway Pizza Menu

Margherita Pizza:

The classic Mozzarella, tomato base with a little fresh basil sprinkled on top. Whilst this may seem a slightly more conservative option it really is a good way to truly taste the freshly made dough we produce. This is a perfect light lunch on the Saturday afternoon for those people in Wellington looking for one of our best takeaway pizzas.

Vegetarian Pizza

The ever-popular vegetarian pizza is made with mushrooms, rockets, and olives. Whilst we think this is a great option there are some people who request we take the olives off and replace them with some red onion as our pizzas are all hand made we are more than happy to comply!

Louisiana Beef with Chilli Pizza

Our bestselling Louisiana beef burgers are great to add to a pizza. They carry a lovely amount of heat within them but we thought we would up it a notch by adding some chillis. For those that are not so confident with something too hot then of course we can hold off on the chilli. Just let us know your requirements when ringing up.

Goats Cheese and Red Onion Pizza

A customer recommendation led to this amazing combination. Goats cheese divides opinion but the half of us who have it love this Pizza and come back for more each week. Known as "The Goat", this is a must-try for Goat cheese lovers.

Fried Egg

Known in Italy as the Florentine pizza. This is a tomato base with Mozzarella with a pasture-raised egg (locally sourced from Redwoods farm) cracked in the middle surrounded by a bed of rocket.

Summer Special

A lovely light pizza for the hot months. baby tomato, parmesan, and olives. This goes down nice and easy which will leave you perfectly full and satisfied but not full and feeling stuffed!

We regularly offer specials to give more options and try out new flavour combinations.

Our pizzas have been a great hit in Wellington, Somerset, and many customers really notice the quality of the ingredients and toppings, you won't be able to buy this meat in lidl and put it on a pizza and think it will taste the same!

Our oven goes up to 450 degrees which will cook a pizza in just under two minutes, but they are hand-stretched so you can expect a wait time of about 5 minutes. So if you are a Wellington local or a visitor I would recommend you try one of these artisan pizzas.


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