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Great Avercombe Farm

It is with great pleasure to work with Matthew Cooke from Great Avercombe. He farms a herd of Stabiliser cattle that range over the farm grazing from the grass and diverse herbal leys. They are treated with great respect and Matthew is committed to reducing his carbon emissions while maintaining an efficient form of beef production while working with nature.

grass fed stabiliser cattle eating clover

You can read about our visit to his farm here 

You can buy the beef from Great Avercombe here

You can read about the Cows below...


The Stabiliser is a hybrid breed originally developed in America by crossing Hereford, Red Angus, Simmental and Gelbvieh.  Stabilisers are recognised as a pedigree breed under EU regulations. 

The cow is bred to have a moderate frame and be functional with calving ease, high fertility along with longevity. They have a calm temperament.


Stabiliser cattle are very efficient on a grass-based system, this means more and more stabiliser farmers are turning away from using soya in winter feeds because the pressure to up the weight is reduced due to this efficient weight increase over the summer months compared to other breeds.

The beef produced from the cattle receives great feedback. It is considered to be a very tender meat, with aspects such as the marbling of fat running through the meat of a great standard. We also found the marbling of a excellent level when comparing it to many other breeds. Matthew doesn't feed the cattle any soya with their food coming from his own land. 

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