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Redwoods Farm 

We work with Redwoods farm due to it's locality, the farming methods they use, and their high standards of the way they keep and work with the animals with incredible detail to welfare. They practice methods of regenerative agriculture such as holistic planned grazing. They aim to farm in a carbon negative way to help reverse the effects of climate change, putting more diversity into the farm with the help of their animals. Rushing production is not something practiced at Redwoods, instead encouraging natural maturity in the animals without pressuring targets to reach, this therefore allows them to avoid the use of intensive purpose feeds such as soya.  

pasture raised chickens foraging

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The Pigs and the Chickens - How they are raised

Chickens - Hubbard cross


The chickens are farmed in enclosed pens on grass that follow the cattle as they graze through sections of the field. The chickens are raised on a diet consisting of grass, insects and other forage found naturally on the pasture at about 50%. With the rest of their feed being made up of a mix that doesn't contain soya, something very unique. The feed used is locally grown to them. The chickens are grown slowly and live a much longer life than commercially grown chickens. This creates a deeper flavour, this being combined with their natural and varied diet, ends up with a large tasty chicken.

Pigs - Gloucester Old Spot, Saddleback, Large Black Pigs, and cross-breeds of each


The Gloucestershire Old Spots is an English breed of pig which is predominantly white with black spots. The pigs are white with defined black spots. The breed's maternal skills enable it to raise large litters of piglets on pasture which is exactly what happens at our supplier Redwoods farm. The Old Spots was once a very popular breed of pig however with the onset of intensive farming high-yield breeds were chosen to suit factory conditions .


Saddlebacks and Large Black Pigs are also both suited to traditional pasture based systems. Both being hardy to perform well outside. 

The pigs are raised on a mixture of woodland and pastures, with feed supplemented into their diet which is locally grown to Redwoods farm, and is soya free. The pigs are kept busy with their diverse surroundings allowing them to forage through the land eating what they need.

You can read more about them and their animals on their website

Redwoods Farm | Quality Farm produce, never rushed

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