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Frozen Meat

From reducing waste and preserving the best quality of our meats, freezing is an important process for us. Something key to the future of  the food industry

Why is all of our meat frozen?

Reducing waste while preserving taste!

Freezing our vacuum packed meat allows us to extend maximum shelf life from 5-14 days, to 1-3 years. The act of freezing preserves the freshness of the day we get it back from the butchery while keeping it safe from bacterial growth.

So much time and effort from the farmers we source from have gone into farming their animals in a way that benefits the environment around them, and it would be a great disrespect to their hard work to be throwing away huge amounts of meat in the bin when it spoils.

Food waste is a major problem in the UK, for household, retail and trade alike. However freezing can eliminate this issue. Steaks and sausages can be thawed in just a few hours, and larger joints can be ready for roasting the next day. Just a small trade-off for customers to work with to completely rid of meat-related food waste.

Best of all, as it thaws, the flavour and texture resurrects back to the condition it was first frozen, ready for you to taste our high welfare and naturally raised meats exactly as the day it came to us.

From our frozen meat, mostly sold within a month or two, to the accounts of Siberian natives feeding Mammoth meat to their dogs in times of famine, still frozen from 30,000 years ago, freezing is unparalleled for food preservation. Which is why we choose to sell it this way.

We hope in the future to be using renewable energy to power our freezing systems as we aim to further reduce any carbon output.

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