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Horner Farm - Holly Purdey

Horner Farm, based on the edge of exmoor, where we have our physical shop is the root inspiration of our cause. Holly Purdey farms in a pioneering regenerative style using exciting techniques and with knowledge gained through experience with a lifetime of working outdoors with nature. We sell lamb and goat from Horner farm, these are both raised outdoors working well in a multi-species rotationally grazed farm. They are fully grass and forage fed. Holly makes every decisions based for the future health of the farm, adjusting to suit the soil health and bio-diversity

As we work on Horner Farm we see the work that goes on day to day. Horner farm is the basis of our work we have set out on and is a creation of our values. 

The Goats and the Lambs - The breeds and how they are raised

Lambs - Cheviot Crossbreeds


The Cheviot is a sturdy, stout sheep, suitable for farms using a low input system. They produce hardy lambs which can create  excellent quality carcases for the meat. Holly farms the lambs on grass only. The diverse land and herbel leys means they have a naturally varied diet and create lamb with a layered and deep (but not strong) flavour.

Goats - Boer


Boer Goats, originating from South Africa in the early 1900s is a larger goat bred for meat. They have characteristic large ears, most likely an adaptation to their warm climate. They excel on a rotating pasture system where being browsers, they eat many of the plants left behind by cattle and sheep such as young thistle growth and other more problem plants. This means land can be kept without the need for topping and spraying unwanted weeds. They are 100% grass and forage fed product producing a natural meat. This is a completely different product to many other Goat meat producers often of which is Ex-Dairy Goats, self explained in the name that they are not meant for meat. The Goat meat is grown slowly to 18 Months producing something incredible.

You can read more about Horner Farm and their way of farming here

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