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Rib Roast | 100% Grass Fed | Sustainably Farmed

The rib roast joint, which is the top end of the chuck, is a great budget cut. It is similar to beef brisket in the sense that is likes to be cooked slowly in its own juices.


There are few different ways to enjoy our 100% grass fed beef, but beef brisket cooked in a slow cooker is right up there. It is nice and fatty which really helps the cooking process and the yellow fat, which is caused by the high grass content in the cows diet, is the best way to visually see the difference between the beef we sell and the beef that has been rushed by feeding the cattle grain which can turn out almost snow white.



Rib Roast | 100% Grass Fed | Sustainably Farmed


We will always choose the weight from our stock closest to your choice as possible. However please allow a small ±100g tolerance for your selection.


After hanging for 21 days, this beef is vacuum packed and frozen, preserving the best taste and quality from the day they come back from the butchers. This extends the shelf life to over a year preventing any food waste.

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