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ground arabica coffee from coast and moor

Coast and Moor Coffee are used in our Ruxstons cafe as our regular offering. We can confidently tell first hand just how popular this is as so many customers have made this their go-to morning drink.


The 100% arabica beans undergo a light to medium roast to ensure the amazing fruity flavours are brought out but there is not the bitter and harsher taste a longer roast would reveal. The tasting notes this Discover coffee contains are cocoa, caramel and cherry. Arabica coffee comes from an evergreen tree that grows to about 8 metres. The quality is generally considered to be higher than Robusta coffee, the other main choice, but Arabica trees produce less yield.


The Beans that have gone into the Explore Coffee are of Columbian origin.




Discover - Ground Arabica Coffee | Coast and Moor