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Calamarata Pasta | Buongustaio Piemonte

Calamarata is a pasta that originates from southern Italy. The name is based on calamari (squid rings). Often made with a fresh tomato sauce the flavour will have a seafood-like taste due to the squid ink in the recipe.


Buongustaio Piemonte was founded in 1995 by Sergio De Domenico, his wife Paola, and their son Alessandro. Originally starting out selling jars of specialties of the area with no preservatives or dyes just a good quality sauce. Buongustaio Piemonte has since branched out into pasta which is packed with high quality fully traceable local ingredients.




Calamarata Pasta | Buongustaio Piemonte


Durum Wheat Semolina, Dehydrated Spinach 0.6%, Squid Ink 0.4% (Squid Ink 40%, Water, Salt), Dehydrated Turmeric 0.4%, Dehydrated Red Beet 0.3%, Dehydrated Tomato 0.3%

May contain traces of Eggs

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