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courgette and dill pickle

Enjoying a lovely homemade Courgette Pickle from an ancient family recipe is one thing, but buying a Courgette and Dill Pickle from Melissa is just as good. Often something in a jar brought from a shop never really reaches the heights of a lovely homemade preserve or Jam, but Melissa's Preserves buck the trend. She makes a lovely range of jams and different types of chutneys. Some of these courgettes are grown on her own allotment in Taunton and anything extra is brought from local farms in Somerset.


She takes tremendous pride in making her range in her kitchen and only cooks in small batches, carefully checking PH levels as she goes to perfect her preserves. When they are sold they are sold, you won't catch her nipping to a supermarket to stock up on courgettes.



Courgette & Dill Pickle | Melissa's Preserves


Courgettes (33%), Cider Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Onions, Mustard Seeds (Mustard), Dill (1%) Salt

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