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Porridge Oats | Dunster Watermill

1kg of Dunster porridge oats bagged within the ancient watermill. These oats will arrive in a paper bag which is great for anyone who wants to reduce their plastic use. 


Dunster Watermill has amazingly been in operation since the doomsday book! Not many flour producers can boast such a long and illustrious history as Dunster Watermill. The mill and waterwheel are situated by the foot of Dunster Castle. In the 19th century all wooden parts, bar the waterwheel itself, were replaced with cast iron parts to modernise, however when the 20th century arrived the mill faced an uncertain future and sadly closed in 1962. However, in 1980 the mill was restored and upgraded and is now grinding flour once again.


Porridge Oats | Dunster Watermill


100% Porridge Oats

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