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Diced Lamb | 100% Grass Fed

Our 100% grass fed diced lamb is cut from a mix of the shoulder and leg joints. The variety of cuts that go into this gives it a delicious, rich flavour. This is an ideal choice to suit a great range of meals such as curries, stews, and everything in between.

The lambs we source are left to mature at their own pace and are not fed cereals to speed up their growth, they are grown up to 9-12 months old, and as a result, you will find a slightly stronger and a more complex flavour than commercial lambs that are rushed in 4 – 5 months, be assured however that the meat will remain tender due to the low stress and slow grown lifestyle.


500g Packs (£18/Kg)

Diced Lamb | 100% Grass Fed


We will always choose the weight from our stock closest to your choice as possible. However please allow a small ±50g tolerance for your selection.


After hanging for a minimum of 5 days, this lamb is butchered, then vacuum packed and frozen, perfectly preserving the best taste and quality at its most fresh. Freezing also eliminates any food waste.

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