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grass fed lamb mince

100% grass fed lamb mince taken from various joints such as the leg and shoulder to create a perfect blend of fat and meat. Lamb mince is a great staple meat and very space efficient to have in the freezer. Although used in a variety of dishes such as cottage pie or moussaka, you can also try making your own lamb burgers and sausages as well.

The lambs grown on the small family farms that we work with are left to mature at their own pace in the fields and are not fed cereals to speed up their growth, they are grown to 9-12 months old, and as a result, you will find a slightly stronger and a more complex flavour commercial lamb which can often be just 5 months old.


500g Packs (£13/Kg)

Lamb Mince | 100% Grass Fed


We will always choose the weight from our stock closest to your choice as possible. However please allow a small ±50g tolerance for your selection.


After hanging for a minimum of 5 days, this lamb is butchered, then vacuum packed and frozen, perfectly preserving the best taste and quality at it's most fresh. Freezing also eliminates any food waste.

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