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grass fed topside joint

Our grass fed beef topside joint is a lean cut of beef with a thin fatty cap, and although slightly fattier than the silverside joint, the topside can still benefit from being cooked in a slow cooker to make a fantastic winters meal. Despite that, the Topside is one of the easiest joints of beef to cook in a conventional oven and is delicious served rare, this tender piece of beef makes a great traditional sunday roast, order a large joint and enjoy plenty left overs for the next day. It is also possible to slice thin strips off the joint when it is raw to create minute or frying steaks for a BBQ, but be sure to not cook them for more than a minute to maintain the tenderness.


This joint is a great way to enjoy our 100% grass fed beef and compare across individual breeds, all will have the richer flavours but with various tasting differences.



Topside Beef Joint | 100% Grass fed