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pasture raised eggs

6 Mixed Sized Eggs


Please note that eggs are sent in substantial protective packaging to keep them safe in the courier. All of the postage cost and extra cardboard layering means this product costs £12 to post (free in an total order of over £90). By paying the full postage costs we are able to keep these premium eggs at a competitive price by the half dozen.


Laid by pasture raised free range hens. With regular moves three times a week, these chickens obtain varied nourishment directly off the pasture. Their feed that supplements the pastured diet is complete soya free.


When compared with commercial free range chickens, where they are only ranging over the same area every day, pasture raised hens instead eat a lot higher amount of natural food with new exciting areas to forage from.


Their assorted diet creates an egg packed with nutrients and makes the flavour incredible as well.


The yolks are a rich golden yellow, which is a result of a diet high in grass, they are never fed marigold or paprika which is only used in feeds that need to reproduce the colour.


£3.15 per 6 eggs

Pasture Raised Eggs | Free Range | Half Dozen


Our pasture raised eggs come in mixed sizes in half dozen boxes. Minimum net weight 350g

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