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pasture raised pork meat box a range including pork belly pork chops and sausages

This pasture raised pork box contains a balanced range of the most popular cuts with plenty of sausages included. A treat for every occasion, from our ever famous pork belly slabs, a heavenly cut for producing the most fantastic crackling, to our quick and easy 100% Pork sausages. All frozen quickly right away to maintain this excellent quality meat.


Inside this box you will find


Centrepiece pork leg roast (1.5Kg)

Pork Belly Slab (1Kg)

Four Pork Chops (1Kg)

Pork Steak (0.35Kg)

100% Pork Sausages (6 Pack) (450g)

Sweet Chilli Pork Sausages (6 Pack) (450g)

Pork and Apple Sausages (4 Pack) (450g)


The regular moves onto fresh pasture allows a pig able to get a much higher quantity of food naturally from the land as opposed to a typical free range pig kept on a single area. This means better flavour and a healthier product.

The Pork Meat Box


We will always choose the weight from our stock closest to the box weight as possible. However please allow a small tolerance of ±50g for steaks and burgers, and ±100g for joints.

The pork is hung for 9-10 days to develop flavour, it is then butchered, packed and frozen,  perfectly preserving the best taste and quality at it's most fresh. Freezing also eliminates any food waste.

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