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Raspberry Jam No Added Sugar - Strictly Fruit

Raspberry Jam has always been a classic on rice pudding here at Ruxstons. Now Waterhouse Fayre has developed a version with no added sugar through their strictly fruit brand those who are keen to avoid sugar or cannot have it for dietary reasons can go back to enjoying this sweet jam.


Waterhouse Fayre uses a sugar substitute called Zùsto which whilst very similar in sweetness to table sugar is derived from corn and chicory fibers.  Zùsto has considerably fewer calories than sugar, according to some studies less than 75%, and has a low glycemic index making it suitable for a lot of diabetic customers. It has similar properties to sugar however so unlike other natural sweetness the texture and taste remain similar.

Raspberry Jam No Added Sugar - Strictly Fruit


Raspberries, Raspberry Puree, Zusto (polydextrose, soluable maize fibres, chicory fibres, sweetners (isomalt, erythritol sucralose)), Pectin

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