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Brown Flour, Three Malts & Sunflower | Shipton Mill

To produce this flour Shipton Mill take whole grains of wheat, rye and barley and steep them in water before carefully malting them allowing time for flavours to mature. When ready the grains are lightly roasted to enhance their flavour and lovely golden colour. Then they are blended with sunflower, golden linseed, brown linseed and pumpkin seeds to make a delicious and well balanced brown flour. This flour is ideal for a general purpose bread flour.




Shipton Mill is a regenerative flour mill based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Starting in 1979 they actively searched out farmers that were working with nature by promoting biodiversity rather than just focusing on large crop yields. The flour is all fully organic with no corners cut and as an added bonus the mill is now fully powered by renewable energy. 

Brown Flour, Three Malts & Sunflower | Shipton Mill