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Organic White Spelt Flour | Shipton Mill

Spelt is an ancient grain that was first cultivated between 10,200 and 8,800 BC in the modern day West Bank.  Whilst less popular in the modern world Spelt can still be found growing in remote mountainous regions in Europe.  This White Spelt flour produces a nutty flavour of white bread and can be used as an all purpose flour for pastries and sauces but also is great for general bread making flour.


Shipton Mill is a regenerative flour mill based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Starting in 1979 they actively searched out farmers that were working with nature by promoting biodiversity rather than just focusing on large crop yields. The flour is all fully organic with no corners cut and as an added bonus the mill is now fully powered by renewable energy. 





Organic White Spelt Flour | Shipton Mill


Ingredients: Organic spelt (wheat) flour.

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