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South Town Farm - Farm Visit and Assurance

To call Murray Sharpe experienced when it comes to land management would be an understatement, his experience on both his rented farm but also his previous role as head ranger at Arlington Court for fifteen years has given him a wealth of knowledge and land management and farming. We buy our Red Devons off Murray but he also farms Jacob and Highlander Cross Sheep on his farm. Interestingly the Jacob sheep flock first arrived way back in 1949 when the land itself was gifted to the National Trust, I find this point particularly interesting, the flock are there for the long term and this matches up with Murrays long term planning for his farm. Nothing is rushed in the short term to try and get quick results, there is a very consistent long-term policy at South Town Farm and that is what we like at Ruxstons.

Murray is a believer that often small simple measures can yield big results. Leaving hedges to grow, mowing the grass a bit later on and even things such as not driving on the soil when it is socking wet to avoid excess compaction. Murray has recently opened a campsite and even this has been done in a way to help the environment, you park up and carry your tent and kit down in a wheelbarrow (it’s perfectly easy don’t worry!) Again this reduces compaction and noise pollution. The result? More wild flowers, insects, bats and butterflies. This year Murray saw a Barn Owl regularly hunting over the camping fields. This is great evidence to show just how much benefit Murray and his family are bringing to South Town farm. We are very please to be working with him.


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