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Creative toppings on Homemade Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the nation's treats. Whether it is a crepe by an ice rink at Christmas or homemade pancakes for breakfast on a summer morning, they really are a sweet or savoury treat. Making pancakes with Ruxstons ingredients is extra special. Why? Well mainly it's in the eggs, the deep orange egg yolk colour from Redwoods Farms eggs mean the pancakes come out a lovely colour with a rich flavour when finished.

Ruxstons Basic Pancake Recipe

2 x Redwoods Farm Pastured Eggs

100g of Shipton Mill Organic Plain Flour

300ml of Whole Milk

Knob of Butter

How to make traditional pancakes?

Step One:

Break the eggs onto the flour and whisk them together whilst adding the milk slowly and periodically.

Step Two:

Heat the frying pan up to a very hot temperature and allow the knob of butter to melt. Then pour a proportion of the mix into the pan until it cover about ¾ of the pan. Lift the pan and tilt from side to side until the entire bottom of the pan is covered with the batter mix. If your pan is a large cast iron one, well, just use both hands to lift it!

Step three:

When there is no liquid batter remaining use a fish slice to get underneath the pancake and flip it over. The pancake should be ready. It really is that simple! It does make you wonder why pre made pancake mix is a thing, doesn't it?

Pancake Making with Shipton Mill Flour
Pancake Making with Shipton Mill Flour

Exciting toppings for Pancake day 2024?

You can tell how much we love homemade pancakes by the fact we are already planning Pancake Day 2024! You will see so many pancake toppings on social media with Nutella and the classic Sugar and Lemon leading the way, however, there are so many more creative and delicious flavours out there. Here are our top three recommendations.

Pistachio Spread for the ultimate luxury pancake.

Pistachio Spread on homemade Pancake
Pistachio Spread on homemade Pancake

Having Pistachio spread on a pancake always reminds me of my time in Italy, where pistachio spread would find itself in Croissants or as they are known locally Cornettos. On a pancake, they are just as delicious and truly a sweet luxury treat.

Loganberry Jam for that sweet fruity taste

Jam on a pancake may not be as popular as honey, lemon or hazelnut spread but it really does give a lovely sweet hit without being sickly. We use Melissa's Loganberry Jam. It is our favourite Jam from her range and goes wonderfully on pancakes.

Banoffee sauce and Banana slices to make Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes really are a very good option, you have to be a big banana fan of course but they are a very good breakfast pancake. If, unlike us, you hold off on the banoffee sauce you may even find that you can class them as healthy.

Well that is it, our top three tips for pancake toppings, Pistachio will always be my favourate though.


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