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four 100% grass fed lamb chops

Lamb chops are a very popular cut. Chops can be speedily cooked in the frying pan, or cooked a little slower in the oven for a more tender finish. They can be mixed with all types of herbs and spices and have a well developed flavour, they are a great way to try our 100% grass fed lamb. Chops are also a good meal for a smaller family, maybe if you live alone, or in a couple then they are perfect as you may not want to go through the trouble of cooking an entire roast leg or shoulder of lamb, but still want a prime cut.

The lamb we supply at Ruxstons is a little older than commercially grown lamb, they live longer lives of 9-12 months which really helps the flavour develop whilst keeping the meat tender.

300g (£20/Kg)

Typically 2-3 chops per 300g.

Lamb Chops | 100% Grass Fed