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pasture raised pullet eggs

6 Mixed sized eggs from pullets (young hens). Pullets lay smaller eggs, so with this variation the total box weight is a minimum of 300g net weight.


Our eggs are sent in very protective cardboard layered packaging. The extra time and material means this product costs £12 to post (although free in an total order of over £90). With full postage paid we are able to keep the eggs at competitive pricings for this level of quality.


Given access to the best possible pastures, these pullets are regularly moved, following the cattle in a regenerative farming system, naturally birds would follow these herds in the wild due to the insects and larvae found in the manure and disturbed grasslands, by moving the fencing behind them, these hens have just the diet they want.


The hens from Redwoods Farm are not fed marigold or paprika to colour the yolks, instead they are their own natural rich golden-orange colour produced from the diet high in grass.


£2.40 per 6 eggs

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