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ruxstons marbled steaks, sirloin and ribeye

The Steak Selection - 10 Exceptional 100% grass fed beef steaks.


4x Minute Steaks (0.5Kg)

2x Rump Steaks  (0.5Kg)

2x Sirloin Steaks  (0.5Kg)

1x Ribeye Steaks  (0.25Kg)

1 x Fillet Steaks (0.25Kg)


Weights are an average, please allow a small tolerance +- 25g for each steak.


All of the steaks arrive vacuum packed and frozen to retain the freshness and quality of the day they came back to us from the butcher.

Steak Selection Box | 10 Steaks | 100% Grass Fed


We will always choose the weight from our stock closest to your choice as possible. However please allow a small ±50g tolerance for your selection.


This beef is vacuum packed and frozen, preserving the best taste and quality from the day they come back from the butchers. This extends the shelf life to over a year preventing any food waste.

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