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hullabaloos still lemonade

Hullabaloos Lemonade is a smooth and still lemonade. Whilst for many who are used to a bit of fizz in their lemonade, the first sip may taste a little strange, however, you will quickly take another and another, such is the refreshing sharp sensation this natural lemonade offers.




Still Lemonade | Hullabaloos


Hullabaloo was launched in 2014 in Somerset. Randa and Leigh started out not by selling bottles of still lemonade but actually cream teas and chocolate brownies at farmers markets. They did however sell a little bit of homemade lemonade on the side and after huge demand they turned their full attention to it, despite their brownies being delicious! Now they supply a huge range of independent shops in the south west and have a lovely range of six different flavours.

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