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Tulsi Clarity Herbal Tea | Pukka

Tulsi, also known as "Holy Basil" is native to the Indian subcontinent. It is said to assist in healing wounds and as a result is used in many hand sanitisers. This antimicrobial herb has also been known to reduce acne such are its healing properties. Why not try a cup and see what all of the fuss is about?


20 Individually wrapped sachets


Pukka was founded in 2001 by Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwood. Right from the initial planning, they were adamant that Pukka would be a business force for good, one that put their organic farming values alongside fair trade and conservation at the heart of their business. In the present day, Pukka is one of the leading brands in the organic movement and has been operating like this long before it became fashionable.

Tulsi Clarity Herbal Tea | Pukka


 Tulsi leaf blend (green Rama, purple krishna, lemon vana).

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